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Brand basics for small business.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

As a business supporter, the most common thing I see if a disjointed approach to business identity across social media, website and in other communication channels. First and foremost, these are the basics of your brand and getting these right and maintaining their consistency is great way small business can build out their brand, without being brand experts!

So, what are my top tips for activating and nailing the basis of your brand?


If you have a website or your thinking about building one you need to check of these three basics

  1. If your web address associated to your business / trading identity? There should be a clear link to your brand from your website, otherwise people will wonder if they’re in the right place.

  2. Does your homepage have your trading/business name and tell your customers what you offer right upfront?

  3. Is the content and design attractive to your potential customers? I’ve seen some horrible sites in my time, my best tip is to pair back the loud colours, the nineties have gone and so have bright shouty colours! Keep your content short, no one wants to read an essay. If you're unsure ask your customer for their feedback on how things could be improved.


It’s fine to start out with an @gmail address, however, longer term you really need to think about how this is may impact your business and if it’s right for attracting your preferred customers. You want to look professional after all.

Did you know you can activate an email address under your domain (that's your web address) for about less than a tenna ($10) each month? That’s great value and money well spent to improve your professional image.

Lastly, always, always have a signature block when you email. Add your business address, website, social handles AND phone number. Remember, email may be your preferred way to communicate, however your customers might want to call. Call me old fashion, but I don’t mind a bit of a chat!

Business cards and networking

This may be a little old school, but in my opinion it’s still the most effective way to represent your business offering when you meet people face to face. As a small business, you need to be at your best when you’re at a networking event. Also, anywhere can be a networking event, even when you're eating burgers with your friends and their friends. New people, equal new opportunities.

Always have your business card handy and where possible, get the person you’re engaging with to connect to your digital platforms in some way, either by connecting via social media (then and there), or showing them your website, preferably on their device. Remember, networking is kinda like dating, be respectful, kind and sincere. You're starting a relationship after all. No one likes a slimy used-car salesman trying to sell them something. Don’t be the guy or gal! (Sorry to any used car salespeople 😊)

If you nail these basics, you’re not only getting your brand basics down, but you will (hopefully) make meaningful connections, which could convert into a sale, collaboration or even a business friendship!

And if this seems too much, then I'm here to help. Just drop us a line via our contact page.

Networking can be any social activity, from formal business events to hanging with your friends and their friends.

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