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Social media

Marketing your business via social media is necessary to access a global online audience, but what if your Instagram isn't doing what it needs to? 


Often small business get caught up in the day to day running of their business and their social media is often an afterthought. 


That's where I can help.  I've got the skills (marketing degree) and experience (15 years) to help you with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  I specialise in Instagram.

Instagram audit

If you need a helping hand with your Instagram and you're not alone.

Soop will review your Instagram channel which includes your:


  • bio

  • feed content

  • stories 

  • audience

  • engagement

  • and hashtags.

We will provide you with detailed voice memos to help you improve your channel and send you a short report, plus 30 hashtags which will help you reach a broader audience.

Please note, you will need to send screenshots of your engagement or allow temporary access to your account for the review.

Instagram audit $50.00


Social media content

Content is king and in a digital world, you need to have plenty of content at the ready. 


We're here to help.  We create a month of posts (20 in total) for your Instagram feed, including edited images and captions, all packaged up for you to load and publish to Instagram. 

If you're a product business, you will need to supply raw images for editing and brand colours and fonts if you have them.  Please note, hashtags for content growth are in addition to the content creation fee.

Content development $225 (introductory offer until 30 October)


Social media management

So you have a business, but no time to actually invest in growing your social media audience. No problems, we've got your back.

Soop offers full account management including:

  • content creation

  • strategy and follower growth (AND no, we do not buy followers!)

  • Instagram revamp if needed.


We will create an on-brand channel that you and your customers will love engaging with.  

We review your website and ensure that when customers connect via social media they are funneled to the right place and they can easily purchase without barriers.

As part of our service, we create a persona identity for your ideal client, so we are both working towards attracting the right people to your business. 

​Account management fees start from $890 per month for the first month. Fortnightly plans from $175 per week thereafter.  Content limits apply. Availability is limited.