The Social Soop – Nailing Instagram

  • Do you want someone to show you all the ins and outs of Instagram?

  • Do you want your content to be seen by more people?

  • Do you want to learn how to create interesting content, edit images and create a branded feed?


Was that a yes? Okay, okay, I’ve got your back!  I'm going to help you take your Instagram from meh, to yeah! 


How are we doing this? 

Over six modules, I will personally hold your hand (virtually, because of COVID) and teach you the ins and outs of Instagram and show you how to develop a content strategy, develop your own hashtag sets, create interesting and engaging content, edit images and become a superstar at growing your community.

What’s included?

So, so much! We're going to cover everything from your bio to building out your sales funnel. 


But here are a few of the topics

  • Instagram review 

  • Building out your bio

  • How to optimise your account

  • Building out your brand on social media

  • Understanding content pillars

  • Creating a content strategy

  • Selling vs sharing

  • Understanding different content types and how to use them

  • Content and story hacks

  • Editing images

  • Video editing

  • Hashtags and how to develop four hashtag sets specific for your account

  • Engagement and growth

  • Direct messages

  • Collaborations and competitions

  • All the apps you need to plan, schedule, edit, create and analyze

  • Analytics

  • Understanding the sales funnel for your business

  • Plus, so much more (I've been building this baby for months)

  • AND FREE ongoing access to all program updates, templates and content ideas.


This course will gear you up with heaps of practical demonstrations, worksheets, templates, recordings of each live session, tips, tricks and most importantly, the ability to ask questions and get personalised feedback.


When are we doing this?

Round three will commence on Monday 13 July – through to Saturday 18 July, hosted via Zoom webinar and streamed to the private Facebook Group.

Program Schedule

- Module one: Monday 13 June - 8.00pm 
- Module two: Tuesday 14 July -8.00pm
- Module three: Wednesday 15 July - 8.00pm
- Module four: Thursday 16 July  - 8.00pm
- Module five: Friday 17 July - 8.00pm
- Module six: Saturday 18 July- 9.30 am


This online workshop series is $99.00  for the 6 days!  

Jump in and let’s get your Instagram doing amazing things.

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